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Hartech and ION Precision Ltd

For the best part of 20 years, Hartech Automaton  has collaborated with ION Precision Ltd on projects in the automotive sector, power generation and hygienic production. Utilising our skills together has meant being able to offer clients the best solutions, tailored for their individual requirements.

Here we explain how the journey began, and why our continued collaboration is so successful for our clients.

The beginning

We were introduced to each other through a mutual client; ION Precision needed some electrical work completed on some fixtures and Hartech were able to support with the wiring. It became very clear that collaboration would be beneficial for other clients and we continued to join forces when the work required both of our expertise.

How often do we work together?

We generally always have something on… Originally it was always Mark (Hartech) and Steve (ION Precision) who worked together on the projects. More recently, as our relationship and customer base has grown the collaboration tends to go between all the staff, with Steve and myself bringing the opportunities to the table and then all of us getting our heads together to find the right solutions.

The future for Hartech and ION

Our relationship is continuing to grow, as is our joint customer base. Our ability to work together has not only made us stronger but is hugely beneficial to our clients both current and future.

We will be sharing some recent collaborations across social media and within our Case Studies section on our website.

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