/Welding Support Fixture Case Study
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  • The system must have the same functionality as the client currently has in other systems.
  • The control system must be an alternative to the normal manufacturer.


  • Like all of our control systems, preparation for IOT is already there, when the client is ready, we can connect it for them.


To design and manufacture a welding support fixture for a leading manufacturer of Articulated Vehicles. This machine will allow the welding operators to accurately assemble part of a vehicle within tolerance of design and the parts can be physically held in the correct position to allow the operator to tack weld the individual parts together.



ION Precision Ltd. designed the fixture mechanically using the models from the client whilst maintaining the format that is currently used in the existing facility. They manufactured the machine parts and mechanically assembled them.


Hartech developed the control system, converting their system methodology from Rockwell to Siemens whilst maintaining the functionality and system operation that the operators are familiar with.

“We have merged our collective expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering to produce the end product at the highest possible quality for this global market manufacturer”


A PLC controlled and monitored process that allows operators to assemble a vehicle part under complete control and quality assurance.

The flexibility of step back and forwards procedure.

Step by step diagnostics that the operator can see and read from the HMI terminal as each step is completed.

The old system has been enhanced by making the information that the operator sees far more visual.

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